Santa Ana Courthouse Wedding: Kareem + Eliana

A phone call was all it took. 

There is just something about long distance and fighting the fight for love that makes my heart sing. These two started their journey over the phone and did what they could to keep each other around. 

This love took her to Philly to meet this man she only knew by a voice. With the craziness of the hustle and bustle at the airport, she found herself lost, in a city, having no clue where he might be. At this point, ‘he’ was still only a voice through her phone but she knew she had to meet the man behind the words, promises, and affection. 

She started to doubt herself only to hear a small voice behind her telling her to simply, “Turn Around”. 

The man behind the voice. Forever was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. After that one moment, she told me, it was love at first sight and the rest is history. 

Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Santa Ana Courthouse in Santa Ana, California. The architecture of the Santa Ana courthouse is simply breathtaking! 

The Santa Ana courthouse was lucky to have this love story documented for this amazing couple! Their ceremony was so adorable and how cute is Eliana?? (: 

Kareem and Eliana, loving from afar is all too close to my heart as I’ve journeyed those roads with my husband during deployments and field ops. Loving from a distance is no easy task and it definitely isn’t for the weak at heart. I’m so glad you two have found your forever, together. Life will surely start to make more sense now. Thank you for trusting in me to capture the love that overflows from the two of you!