When I first picked up a camera, I had no intention of becoming a wedding photographer. I loved capturing an emotion and freezing it forever and ever, but I never knew God would take that love and create a business out of it. I went through four years of collegiate education and earned my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. I absolutely loved my teaching career and felt called to be in that classroom each and every day. Life happened and God took my husband Josh and I on a journey across the United States. My life changed from rainy days and snowy winters to constant sunshine and palm trees. It was in California where something stirred in my soul each and every time I took on a new client. 

    As I began capturing the love between two people, I quickly realized the importance of these photographs. The photographs told a story that celebrated more than just peonies, blush table cloths, and sparkly rings. The photographs told a story of passion, a story that God hand wrote for two special souls. The photographs celebrated a marriage that would forever change the world. When I realized that the artwork I was creating was illustrating God’s love story for each one of my clients, I knew I had to pour every ounce of me into this business. I took a risk and found myself falling into a new role that celebrated marriages, not just wedding days. You see, the world needs love & I believe that marriages have the power to affect the world in an amazing way. 

 Each and every day, Josh and I choose to love each other. 

   Life after the wedding day isn’t always as glamorous as the wedding day itself. My goal as a wedding photographer is to love on and support each couple that comes through my office. I will most definitely take photos of your beautiful details that you worked so hard on, but more importantly, I will support you two as you embark on one of the most important decisions of your life.