Downtown Cincinnati Engagement Session: Jeff + Morgan


The Disney loving girl could not find her prince charming. 

Some had the looks, some had the faith, some had the humor, but none with the full package.  They came and they went.

One day, Morgan's mom gets a text message with photo of a guy her co-worker's husband worked with. A Christian?, an athlete? A servant's heart? Blue eyes?

Maybe he would be somebody worth meeting.

She was on her way to her best friend's wedding (that would be ME) as she was getting these photos and she felt like there was just something about this guy and she HAD to meet him. You can tell a lot from a smile, and his was made her go crazy waiting to meet him! 

She bugged her mom for two weeks for an update on what this Jeff guy was doing, why wasn't he reaching out to me, and if liked her picture. Maybe this was nothing


My last night in Ohio before moving to California was spent with my bestie. We cried and cried and ate way too many cookies and all of a sudden we heard a facebook notification. Jeff had reached out to Morgan and was hoping to meet her soon! Facebook turned into texting, which finally led to him inviting her to play sand volleyball with him. They stayed until midnight just sitting and talking. Finally- someone who had a lot of everything she was looking for.

Finally-something that felt right.


February 12, 2016-just a normal day in Morgan's second grade classroom-Jeff paraded into her classroom and got down on one knee in front of 25 eight year olds. Everyone screamed and she said YES! She wasn't sure if the kids were more excited that she had a "Beyoncé" (fiancé) or that the spelling test he interrupted was cancelled. 


Morgan puts it like this, "Jeff just gets it he knows me, knows my passions, my loves, my dislikes, my hurts, he gets me. He's the kindest person I have ever met. He has been through more in his thirty years than many experience In a lifetime, but he has held onto his faith, the faith that leads me closer to Jesus everyday and has completely opened my eyes to what it is for something to just be "right".  He has given me a challenge in pursuing God in a way I never have before. I am so honored that he chose me to be his forever!"


You have stolen my best friend's heart and I'm so thankful you did. You make her smile more, laugh more, and love more. She means the world to me and I wouldn't just let her be with ANYONE (I made that very clear throughout the years!) Thank you for taking care of her, being patient with her, caring for her, and loving her deeply. 


I can't type anything without going way overboard, getting emotional, and messing up all my words. So i'm just going to say this...I love you bestie. 

Rentschler Park Engagement Session: Mallorie + Chris

They were practically babies when they first met! She was in 8th grade-he a freshman. 

Engaged couple at Rentschler Park in Hamilton, Ohio.
Engaged couple kissing on bridge at a park.

They were best friends all throughout high school and finally started dating her senior year!

She admits to putting him in the friend zone throughout all her years of high school but puts it this way: "He was always there for me and a great friend even when I didn't always deserve it. He is still that way. I don't know what I did to deserve him." 

Engaged couple holding hands in front of stone building.
Engaged couple at barn.

They went to Chattanooga, TN and went on a tour of Ruby Falls-a small indoor beautiful waterfall. A mile hike through caverns led them to the waterfall where he took her in front of the entire group and asked her to spend forever with him.

The ring was a perfect fit and so was he. 

Couple nose to nose and smiling at a park in Hamilton, Ohio.
Couple kissing on steps that say love.

Mallorie and Chris, you guys make me smile. As a military wife, I know how hard it is to be long distance and anyone who can survive years apart are gold in my book. I can't wait for you to finally experience some normalacy and finally be together! I can't wait for your big day! 

Eden Park Engagement Session : Josh + Maria


He had his eye on the girl who transferred to Cincinnati Christian school during her junior year of high school. 

Couple kissing on a bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio

She was pretty stubborn though, but he was determined. He wasn't about to let that girl slip away.

Couple holding their wedding hashtag sign with matching chucks.

A year went by and Josh continued to pursue her but she wasn't having it! She wasn't interested in being anything more than friends. Josh never ever gave up.

Couple dipping in front of the cincinnati skyline.
Engaged couple looking at each other,

She felt really comfortable around him and they became good friends very quickly. He finally won the girl of his dreams over senior year of high school. She puts it this way: "I always say that he won me over when I realized he was pursuing me like Jesus pursues us. Despite my stubbornness and having a very independent personality, he was patient, kind, and caring. During some hard times he softened my heart and I realized that relying on someone else and becoming vulnerable wasn't going against being independent." 

Engagement ring in chucks shoes.
Couple looking at each other at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The stubborn girl gave in senior year of high school and it was the best decision she ever made. Josh was persistent and had his eye on the prize and wasn't backing down! They can't wait to collect more shoes, marry each other, and ultimately do life together (: 

Couple dancing in front of a building at Eden park.

Josh and Maria, you two are so stinking cute its unbelievable. I'm so glad you chose me to capture the sweet moments between the two of you. Josh-I'm still honored to have photographed someone who was 7ft. tall. Thanks for that ;) I can't wait to celebrate your love next year! Its going to be a day to remember!! -Em 

Cox Arboretum Engagement Session: Trey + Lauren

Hot outta high school these two met at work. He winked-she smiled and they flirted the days away. 

Couple kissing each other in Dayton, Ohio.
Couple kissing in the park at Cox Arboretum.

He left to work for a family business and they did everything they could to keep in touch and remain friends.

Couple sitting on a bench and laughing together.

One day, big news came through the office that there was an opening! The first person that popped into Trey's head was his "friend" from his last job-he thought she would be PERFECT.

Girl looking at camera while guy hugs her.

Lauren went in for the interview, got the job, and the rest is history! After working together for several months they started officially dating!

Engaged guy and girl looking at each other and laughing. 
Couple walking together at Cox Arboretum.

On New Years Eve, the stars in the sky led Lauren down a path that was covered in lights. She had no clue what was going on but kept following Trey down to a gazebo in his parent's backyard. He sang to her, told her how much he loved her, and got down on one knee! Everyone she loved was there to celebrate afterward. They have the sweetest 2 year old girl who reminds them daily of how precious life is and how amazing their little family has become!

Wedding ring and couple sitting together.

Lauren and Trey, I am overly excited for your big day at Lake Lyndsay! You complete each other perfectly and I'm so glad you found each other! Trey: I better hear that voice of yours at the wedding or the reception!! Just sayin! ;) -Em 

Columbus Park of Roses Engagement Session : Salvatrice + Mar

The moment almost seemed surreal when she saw headlights coming toward the car. 

Engaged Couple kissing on a bench in Columbus, Ohio. 
Engaged couple looking at each other and kissing at the Columbus Park of Roses 

Her life flashed before her eyes as the two cars collided. 

She was rushed to the hospital and came out with stitches in her head and her leg and a broken foot.

Guy giving his fiancé a bear hug

Salvatrice and Mar had been on and off for about a year at that point but after the crash they both realized life was way too short to not chase after a love that meant the world to both of them.

Guy kissing his fiancé on the cheek in Ohio park. 
Engagement ring sitting on a rose in Columbus Park of Roses. 

Salvatrice and Mar, I can't WAIT to party at your wedding next year! You guys are such an amazing pair & I'm so thankful for our friendship! -Em

Myrtle Creek Engagement Photos : Morgan + Colby

Couple during engagement session at Myrtle Creek smiling at the camera.
Couple during engagement session at Myrtle Creek kissing and smiling at each other. 

The morning bell rang. All the high schoolers shuffled in with their hoods up and their eyes barely open.

 Homeroom. 10th grade.

She liked him for quite some time but Colby was shy and didn't say much.

Couple posing in a leaf doorway at Myrtle Creek, kissing and snuggling close together. 

One day, they decided to hang out like high schoolers do..

& they just. knew. 

Couple during engagement session putting their heads together and looking at eachother 

From then on, it was "never if, always when"

 because even when they first started dating they would say "when we get married" & "when we have kids".

It's never been "if"

Couple during engagement session picking finance up in the air at Myrtle Creek.

  After high school, their worlds went two different directions. 

Morgan to college and Colby to boot camp.

After two years of sleepless nights, longing for each other, and signing their names at the end of letters-the two decided it was time to promise forever.

Engagement ring in a succulent at an engagement shoot at Myrtle Creek.

Engagement session took place at Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

Beautiful wedding band designed by Kai Jewelry


Morgan and Colby,

I simply adore the both of you. You compliment each other perfectly and it is so obvious that you belong with each other. I'm so glad your love survived the hard times and brought you where you are today. Together. Keep loving each other with everything you've got.