As a pastor’s kid, I was taught early on the importance of making wise decisions with money. Money definitely did not grow on trees (at least not on our trees-& if anybody deserves a money tree it’s the pastors-can I get amen?). 

Real talk for a second.

Lets be honest, a wedding is stinkin’ expensive and it takes a lot to make it happen. I was a bride only a year ago and I understand the importance of the details, the cake, the flowers. But, I am so thankful that I didn’t compromise on my memories. A year later, I have the precious photographs that take me back to that amazing day. 


The memory of all my closest friends, surrounding me and giggling the morning hours away. The moment when my mom led zumba in our bridal cottage and we danced and laughed until our bellies hurt. When my cousin (turned sister at birth) applied my makeup and made me feel like a million bucks. The sweet memory of my mother carefully zipping up my dress that she had helped me pick out. When my father and brother saw me for the first time and tears fell down their faces. The moment I walked down the aisle and my high school sweetheart wiped his eyes and smiled, ready to be my husband. The photos of my family, all together in the same place, that would eventually become that year’s christmas card. The night that I spent dancing on the dance floor, celebrating my new marriage to the man God had chosen for me. To the very last moment when we rode away in my aunt’s adorable white car with a glow sticks around our necks.



This choice will last far beyond the wedding night itself. Your photographs will hang on your walls, cozy up in albums on the coffee table, and will be shared when you're old and grey. Your story is meant to be shared, celebrated, and remembered. 

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Full day packages starting at $2,500.

Every collection includes a second shooter

Weddings are meant to be celebrated and shared for years to come! We are now book 2018 brides in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas. We love to travel and are booking worldwide as well!


Packages starting at $225

A portrait session is a beautiful way to capture life’s sweet moments. Whether it’s your maternity story, family story, baby story, anniversary-your lives are worth documenting.

I would love nothing more than to spend an hour with you, your family, or your new baby laughing, and creating beautiful images to be passed around the dinner table for years and years to come. 

The portrait sessions include professional editing and retouching, an online gallery to share with friends and family, and printing rights.