Should I do a First Look?

Whats a first look? Will the first look take away from walking down the aisle? Will he be faking his reaction after the first look? These questions come up all the time during wedding planning.

A first look is the opportunity a bride and groom has to see each other before the ceremony! Whaaaat? Won't that ruin the moment I walk down the aisle? I'll get to that. :) Here is a photo of one of my favorite first looks this year! I mean, look at that tear! 


I was a bride before I was a photographer so we went through the same discussions you are having! Surprisingly enough, normally its the GROOM who has an opinion on this one! My hubby, Josh, only had 3 opinions on our wedding day. Food. First Look. and Music. Everything else he gladly handed off and didn’t look back! Josh was pretty dead set on having a traditional ceremony where he would see me for the first time walking down the aisle! After a lot of discussion and endless nights of pro and con lists, we decided we would do a first look! I’m so glad we did…

I got to see his reaction…& be there to kiss him afterwards!

Lots of photographers will say, “Its such a special moment between the two of you!” Well-if your friends are ANYTHING like mine-they will sneak their way out of the barn, suite, hotel and watch the whole thing happen. Ha! See all those people watching behind us? Talk about real life wedding day right there! But, I will say, seeing his reaction for the first time, up close, was an awesome feeling. 

Photo cred: Chelsea Porter 

Photo cred: Chelsea Porter 

He said ooooOOOOOOO! Really loud! HA! He continues to make me laugh and smile to this day.

I got to spend more of the reception with my friends and family that sacrificed a weekend night for me!

After we had our first look, we got to take all of our photos as a bridal party! Wait, what? You can actually attend your cocktail hour? You can actually take a breather before your grand entrance into the reception? YES! When you do a first look, you take your photos before your guests even start arriving! Again, if your family and friends are like mine-they’ll appreciate the fact that dinner came quick! (: 

Photo cred: Chelsea Porter 

Photo cred: Chelsea Porter 

P.s I can't promise I won't bust a move at your wedding or join the conga line. I just can't help myself! ;)

The moment I started walking down the aisle, we were able to focus on FOREVER...& thats when the tears came. 

Josh was mainly worried about not having that “moment” he always hoped for while I was walking down the aisle. Don’t let them kid you, the groom has his daydreams about the wedding too (: Funny thing was- Josh didn’t get emotional at the first look. Neither did I. For us, it was more of a exciting “DANNNNGGG” moment. Once the ceremony began, Josh had already seen me, right? Well, that allowed him to truly take in the moment and realize-she’s walking down the aisle a single lady and the second she gets here she’s all mine. For life! & folks, he BALLED. (Cue- my gosh awful crying face) 

First looks are becoming more and more popular! As a photographer, I love getting the natural but posed photos done before guests arrive so that more candid fun photos can take place afterwards. You may find that your day doesn’t feel as rushed if you do a first look!

Will I still be your photographer even if you choose not to do a first look? No. HA! Just kidding. Honestly-I don't care either way! But-I chose the first look & I'm so glad I did! Either way its going to be the best day of your life!