Care for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

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There is just something about empowering a child that fires me up. Josh and I don’t have kiddos of our own (yet!!), but while I’m living and breathing I know one of my responsibilities is to take care of those babes who are lost, forgotten, and left to figure out life on their own. God always reminds me that my purpose here should always line up to loving Him and serving others.

I have always had a traveler’s heart. Thankfully, I had a family who encouraged this heart of mine and sent me on countless mission trips to Monterrey, Mexico. In college, I was able to spend three summer months tutoring kiddos in an education center right smack dab in an African village. I will never forget the smiles plastered over those sweet little faces. It was here that I realized the world was a lot bigger than my little Cincinnati, OH bubble. 

I had the precious opportunity to serve alongside some of the most amazing people through an organization called...

 Back2Back Ministries

The sad truth is that kiddos actually age out of the orphanage when public school ends-ninth grade. Back2Back Ministries has created a Hope Program where kids that are on the edge of aging out of the homes, can live in a family-style setting, learn and have the financial support of scholarships, and be encouraged to finish high school and college! The Hope Program is an opportunity for teenagers to break that cycle that they fell into and become a thriving individual in society! As an #ERPbride (and groom;)) you get to contribute to this movement. A portion of each wedding goes toward the Hope Program! Too cool for school? No way. I invite you to join me in being the voice to a child or teenager who somehow along the way lost their own.